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Age Spot (Liver Spot)

Age spots or liver spots are brown spots that are usualy caused by years in the sun. Age spots are bigger than freckles, always flat, and show up on areas like the face, hands, back, arms, feet and back. While age spots are harmless but unfortunetly they give away your age.

Age spots are most common after the age of 40. They appear the most hands, forearms, shoulders, forehead and facial areas... since these are the areas with highest exposure to the sun.

East Side Laser Center removes age spots or liver spots by using a StarLux Pulsed Light laser. This IPL treatment works by emitting pulses of intense light that penetrate through the skin and get absorbed by the pigmentation (or in the case of age spots, lack of pigmentation). This heat causes damage to the vessel or lesion, and
alows the body to begin its natural healing process.

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