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Laser Freckle Removal  
Freckles are groups of melanin which are usualy most visible on people with a fair complexion but anyone can get freckles no matter the background. Having freckles is a genetic trait related to the dominant melanocortin-1 receptor MC1R gene variant.

People form freckles when exposed to the sun, this exposure activates melanocytes which increase the melanin production, which are responsible for the freckles getting darker and more numerous. While some people like thier freckles others want to get theirs removed.

New developments in IPL laser technology produce excellent freckle removal results with minimal complications compared with traditional treatments for freckles.

East Side Laser Center removes frickles by using a StarLux Pulsed Light laser. The laser works by emitting pulses of intense light that penetrate through the skin and get absorbed by the pigmentation. This heat causes damage to the vessel or lesion, and alows the body to begin its natural healing process.

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